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Classical Property Services
Property Management - It’s more than just collecting rent!

All Property Management Related Services

Classical Property Services are driven to protecting your valuable asset through our full-service solutions, including facility management service.

Property Management Specialists

We are property management specialists who maintain and care for rental investment properties across London & the south-east; that’s our focus and primary concern.

Our intense integrated facility management is first-class, from commercial and domestic sanitation cleaning inclusive of grounds & outbuildings to complete garden maintenance.

Providing Excellent Service and the Respect You Deserve

If you are not receiving excellent service for the money you are paying to your current property management service, make the switch to Classical Property Management Services, and notice the difference. Our dedicated property managers are not avoiding you if they are dealing with another issue, but they will promptly return your call. In addition, our Company ethics are continuing respect for all clients.

Whether you are a landlord or tenant, we value and respect all areas of property management, including problem-solving and reaching a satisfactory outcome for all involved.

We know what investors want, and we deliver

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We match the right people with the right property

Our property management team have proudly earned the reputation of being extremely professional, reliable and transparent with landlords & tenants alike. We pride ourselves in ensuring your valuable investment property is handled with care and attention to detail.

Classical Property Management operates across London and the south-east, managing various property types for a range of clients. While most of our managed properties are located within residential communities, our services and expertise are also increasingly being utilised by commercial property investors from the broader London community.


You can expect the following service from us:

Knowledgeable property managers who know and understand every detail regarding your property.

Regular inspections, usually quarterly,  carried out in-depth to identify any maintenance issues before they manifest into more significant problems.

We can deal with routine matters such as gas safety certificates and arranging inventory checks at the beginning and end of each tenancy.

Collating monthly income and expense statements for tax purposes

We offer an annual meeting to each client if they wish to review their portfolio performance. It’s the ideal time to evaluate the overall workings to see if improvements can be achieved.

You will receive a friendly, professional & courteous service at all times.